Accessories Make Everything Better

Still the most distinctive bridal accessory for any wedding dress, the veil remains a popular choice for many brides looking to complete their ensemble with a stylish yet traditional feature.  Dating as far back as Greak and Roman times, veils were originally supposed to keep bad spirits away from spoiling her day but over time came to support the idea that the groom shouldn’t see his bride before their wedding day. The lifting of the veil prior to that first kiss as man and wife is still seen as one of the ceremony’s most treasured moments. Grace & Gown supply only the finest veils available. We always have some in stock but other styles can also be ordered.

And, of course, nothing screams fairytale princess like a tiara! These have developed over time to include all kinds of beautiful headpieces to frame the beauty of the bride and add a bit of sparkle to highlight the face. Every British royal bride since Queen Victoria has worn one but these days a beautiful headpiece doesn’t have to cost a king’s ransom. However, according to Tatler magazine, “If you want to follow the age-old traidition, then tiaras are only supposed to be worn by brides on their wedding day”. So if you’ve ever wanted to give one a try, here’s your chance! Like our veils, we usually have a few in stock but a wider range is always available to choose from.